Harvesting Sod

We use three methods to harvest Turf for planting on your job-site;(1) 16"x24"Sod Blocks at 450 square feet per pallet, (2) 42" wide x variable length up to 100' Big Rolls of Sod, (3) Sprigs for planting very large sites.
The 16"x24" Sod Blocks are Harvested using both conventional harvesters and our modern state-of-the art computer aided harvester. Both produce high quality sod blocks that are ready to lay on your job site.
Harvesting 16"x24" block sod with the Firefly Sod Harvester. 

Turf Rolls are harvested with our Roll Harvester and may be length specified up to 100' long.
Sprigs are Harvested with our Sprig Harvester
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